We are the Downtown Seattle Anti-War Coalition. 
We meet the First Tuesday of every month at the Federal Building in Seattle to protest U.S. endless wars   The official hours are 11 AM to 1 PM; however, folks are welcome to come for any portion of that time frame.
We are against the seven U.S. wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia and Libya.  We gather to protest these wars and the pervasive militarism in our society.  We call on the U.S. Government to end the wars and bring the troops home.  We decry the millions killed in these wars of choice, who are mostly civilians.  There is no justification for these wars of aggression. The only purpose is to further U.S. control and expansion of its empire and to change the regimes in those countries.  The result has been the blow back of international terrorism.
These wars of choice serve only to enrich the wealthy elite and the political establishment, who receive enormous amounts of money from the arms industry.  All of this comes at the expense and degradation of human and social needs.  With the military taking almost two-thirds of the annual discretionary budget, the needs of affordable housing, medical care for all, debt-free college, living-wage jobs, and saving our environment are underfunded and vulnerable to further cuts.
What can you do?
1) Join us at the Federal Building the First Tuesday of the every month to take a stand against war and militarism.
2) Contact your two Senators and your Representative and let them know how you feel about these endless wars and how your tax dollars are being spent.  (Phone numbers and e-mails of your Senators and Representative are on the back side of this leaflet).
3). Join one of the groups of the Coalition and help build the anti-war movement.

Contact us at: seattleantiwar@gmail.com


  1. Thanks to everyone who set this up! Posters from the 60's that are still relevant:
    " War is unhealthy for children and other living things!"
    " What if they gave a war and nobody came?"


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